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Free Samples at Complimentary Crap

complimentary crap

This site is very similar to ours. Some of you may have heard of the free samples by mail site, Complimentary Crap. They do many updates each day. See what new offers are available now.

Free 1GB Memory Card

free memory card

Sign up on the Fast Camera Store’s page to get a free 1GB memory card. Available while supplies last.

Free Keep Smiling Cards

keep smiling cards

Add the free Keep Smiling cards you’d like to your cart and then checkout.  Can Keep Smiling Cards Really Save the World? These cards are giving it a try.

Free Bible Cards

free bible cards

Order a free set of Giant Slayer Scripture Cards from Turning Point for God. This 12 card set includes Scriptures from each of the Dr. Jeremiahs 12 messages on ‘Slaying the Giants in Your Life.

Free ‘Big Government Sucks’ Activism Kit

Order a free Spring 2016 activism kit with new and improved posters, rally signs, flyers, stickers, and more! School mailing address is preferred.

Free Peta2 Campaign Materials

Peta2 Campaign Materials

Catch the free Peta2 Campaign Materials. This materials can make you help the peta campaign.

Free Stem Cell Poster

Stem Cell Poster

Catch the free Stem Cell Poster from Life Technologies. This poster  is for life science professionals.

Free Scripture Greeting Cards for Christmas 2015

This year, give Christmas a loving and personal touch by sending out Scripture Greeting Cards! They include three (3) greeting cards each with accompanying envelopes. Best of all, these beautiful holiday cards are completely free! 

Free Internet Safety Kit

Internet Safety Kit

Get the free Internet Safety Kit from Polly Klaas Action. The safety kit is so useful for kids and adults to be aware and to be much safer online, because the web is on the balance of good and evil.

Free Astroglide


This free Astroglide sample can be requested only for 18 years old for longer lasting pleasure.