Freebies | Free Stuff by Mail is your reliable home from which you can find the very best current free stuff on the internet. Each and every day, even Christmas, we receive email alerts about companies offering freebies and deals We also do our own work hunting down free product samples to post for you! You will find our site, as well as those similar, make product sampling easy. We, just like Complimentary Crap realize that most of our visitors do not have the time to search the entire internet for these offers.

What we do is put all the freebies in one spot, our website, These companies are thrilled to give away free stuff as they are hoping you will get hooked on it and be a potential buyer.

How to Get Them

Every day we find new samples and post them on our website while we continually see offers emailed to us or by us actively searching online. So, what happens when you see a freebie you’d like to try? It is easy! Just follow the link that we post to the free product sample and complete their requirements in order to obtain it by mail. The requirements are usually only you having to fill out your name, email, and mailing address, but some might be just a little bit more involved. You always have a choice. If you’d like to begin making choices now finger through our categories below and find some freebies.

Free Stuff for Home – Wouldn’t it be nice to find tons of free stuff for home?  You can get tons of stuff going to you home mailbox by viewing our listing that we update often.  Our goal is to make you happy with an influx of freebies and if you are happy, your family is happy!  You can find items such as bar soaps, air fresheners, and even home improvement magazines.  You never know what you are going to find in this category.  Saving money for the household is something that all of us should try to do more of, as we never know what tomorrow will bring.  Also, who knows, maybe you will find a new favorite household product.  I think getting this stuff improves a home enough by letting you try before you buy.  Possibly you will find something here to make you entire family happy.


Free Baby Stuff – I am just finding this out now since I am a first time parent, babies are expensive. Constant trips to the store to get baby items such as baby wipes, diapers, formula, infant water and anything else you can think of. Being a first time parent or an experienced one will probably make you really crave free baby stuff. When you search for baby freebies on you will more than likely find something that you could really use. Not only are there often the products I listed above, but stuff like savings clubs and even baby music are occasionally posted. We wish you and your family the best of luck.


Free Makeup Samples – Free makeup samples? Yes, you can find great offers that you can try for free from brand name companies that are putting out a new shade or just remind you about their product. Since there are so many product lines out there and they are certainly not cheap, trying them for free is a great opportunity. Lipsticks, eye-liners, and foundation product samples can often be found on this page.


Free Stickers – Here is a category for both kids and adults. Get free stickers of so many different random things. Whether bumper stickers, political stickers, or stickers with illustrations of little creatures, you are bound to find a free sticker that you will like. What better way to promote a cause than to give away a free sticker or decals by mail that everyone will stick everywhere. Of course, it is totally up to you where you’d like to stick them!